12/12/2020 - CF WOD A

Strongman Teams of Two

"Don't Drop The Baby"

25min AMRAP

200m Sled Harness Drag 135/90lbs

8 Tire Flips

30 Tire 'Box' Jumps

30 Atlas Stone Sumo Deadlifts

30 Sandbag Thrusters

*Sand bag must be held the whole time throughout the work out by one of the partners while the other works


Tire Flips=Dumbbell Power Cleans 2-1

Tire 'Box' Jumps=Tire Step Ups

Atlas Stone Deadlifts=Dumbbell Deadlifts 2-1

Sandbag Thrusters=Dumbbell Thrusters 2-1

Sandbag Hold=Dumbbell Hold

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