Day 7 of the Covid 19 Quarantine WOD lifestyle. Sunday Monster Mash is here. I've adjusted it and given you guys some modifications if you have limit equipment. If you need an active recovery day then a good hike or trip to the park with the family is a great idea. Enjoy the blessing of time with your loved ones and this amazing weather. As always still check in so we can stay connected to our amazing community. We survived a week of this and hopefully this will all come to pass sooner than later so we can enjoy each others company again soon.

Coach Mike

3/29/2020 - CF WOD A

Sunday Monster Mash - At Home Version

For Time
3 Rounds for time of:
4x50m (200m) Shuttle Run
15 Burpees
15 DB Thrusters

Rest 5 Minutes

For Time
2 Rounds
100 Double-unders
50 Dumbbell Deadlifts
50 Sit-ups
50/35 Calories Rowing 

Rest 5 Minutes

4 Rounds for time of:
50m Dumbbell Farmer's Carry
12 C2B Pull-ups
10m Dumbbell Lunge

Men: Two 50-lb. Dumbbells
Women: Two 35-lb. Dumbbells

WOD Notes:
Sub Kettlebells for DBs if that’s what you have. If you only have one DB/KB then do the movements the following movements Single Arm (Thrusters, Farmers Carry and Lunges) and just split the reps evenly. The DB Deadlifts can be done single arm split evenly or double holding both heads of the dumbbell. For the C2B Pull ups sub those for bent over rows if you don’t have a pull up bar or rings. For the Cal Row do either 40 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls or 800m Run. As always let me know if you have questions. This should be a good one so have fun and check in when you’re done. Happy Sunday Monster Mash.
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Keith Oakley

Keith Oakley 1 week ago / Reply

3/29/2020 - CF WOD A: 53:30
Notes: Total Time 53:30 Rnd 1) 9:30 Rnd 2) 20:27 Rnd 3) 13:33 35# KB

Olivia Blume

Olivia Blume 1 week ago / Reply

3/29/2020 - CF WOD A: 32:50
Notes: 1115, 2135

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