Day 4 is here, keep up the great job everyone. Remember you can modify these WODs to fit the equipment you have. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need help finding a modification. Keep posting those pictures and videos so we can check-in with each other. Stay strong, stay motivated and most importantly stay safe!

Coach Mike
15min Warm up
4min Alt. Tabata (4x :20 on/ :10 off)
Zero Count Burpee
High Knees
1min rest/transition 

Then 10min AMRAP for Quality
:30sec plank
20 Good mornings (broom or bar) or Goat Baggers (KB/DB)
:30 Superman hold
20 Alt. Plank Shoulder Taps (Tempo slow and  under control)
:30sec Handstand Hold
20 Side plank leg raises (10/side)
:30sec Jump Roping
20 Alt. Bird Dogs

3/26/2020 - CF WOD A

EMOMx25 (5 Rounds)
Max Reps for each in :45sec
Minute 1: Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Minute 2: Dips (use an Bench, Box, Chair or any other sturdy ledge you can find)
Minute 3: Bent Over Row (DB, KB or Barbell, Single or Double KB/DB)
Minute 4: Jumping Lunges
Minute 5: KB Swing (DB swing or DB snatch, Barbell Hang Snatch)

Quality > Quantity
Don't let yourself get sloppy
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3/26/2020 - CF WOD B

Little Something To Spike the HR

For Time
2 Rounds
20 RDLs
10 Turkish Sit-ups 
1min Rest
2 Rounds
15 Russian KB Swings
30 Russian Twist (L+R=2)
1min Rest
2 Rounds
10 Man Makers
50 Mountain Climbers

Time = Total time including rest
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Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson 1 week, 3 days ago / Reply

3/26/2020 - CF WOD A: 309 reps
Notes: 3 rounds 35# kettlebell 15# dumb bell rows Switched to reverse lunges in round 3

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