Main Memberships

CrossFit Tuath (CFT)
  • Unlimited - $134
    • Unlimited 2nd Family Member (in household) - $101
    • Unlimited 3rd Family Member (in household) - $81
    • Unlimited 4th+ Family Member (in household) - Free!
  • 3x per week - $114

Murphy's Barbell Club (MBC) 
  • Unlimited - $88
    • Unlimited Family Member (in household) - $66

Tuath Lunchtime Cardio (TLC) 
Scaled-intensity workouts, using a combination of  bodyweight, kettle bells, biking, rowing, running, and jump rope -- no technical lifts. Sorry, lunch not included. ;-)

Coming soon!

Train to Hunt! (T2H)
Train To Hunt was designed to help hunters prepare for the physical demands of whatever hunt they had coming up in the fall. Two-hour classes incorporating a workout and archery practice (indoors).

Coming soon! 


Veterans - 10%
LEO/1st Responder/Active Military/K-12 Teacher/Student - 20%
Senior (60+) - 25%

*One discount per member/family. Discounts applicable only to Unlimited membership.
*Memberships are month-to-month, no contracts, no refunds (one-week notice to cancel a current membership).


Drop-in fee - $20 (+$10 for couple)
Drop-in fee, 2nd day on - $10 (+$10 for couple)

Punch Cards, Combinations, and Specialty Classes

Punch Card

CFT or MBC: $103 (10 classes, no expiration)

Crossover Memberships
CFT + MBC: +$47 (3x a week)
MBC + CFT: +$47 (3x a week)

Personal Training
30 minutes, $30; 60 minutes, $60
Basic Barbell or Basic Weightlifting - $195 (four personal-training sessions)

On-Ramp: The Core

Core /kôr/ noun
  1. The central or most important part of something.
  2. Our protocol to provide members with the knowledge of, and the confidence in, CrossFit’s basic movements and methodologies.
The goal of The Core is familiarity and competency in:
  • Squatting movements, including all five basic forms of the squat.
  • Pressing movements, such as the three overhead bar presses.
  • Pulling movements, including pull-ups and the Concept 2 rower.
  • Hip-hinge movements, such as the deadlift and kettlebell swing.
  • Core-related movements like the handstand and toes-to-bar.
  • Functional and weightlifting movements such as the thruster, wall ball, and clean & jerk.
The Core:
  • Includes your first month's membership.    
  • Comprises six, one-hour classes led by an experienced coach.
  • Limits class size to one to four people.
The complete cost for your first month’s membership and six, one-hour classes: $250.

The Core is mandatory for all new members brand new to the CrossFit methodology, and is offered for your safety and knowledge, as well as providing the coach an opportunity for evaluation, and suggesting movement scales.

* The Core Test Out - $60, offered to those who have participated in CrossFit before and college/professional athletes (upon successful completion, the cost is applied to your first month's membership).