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When the weather's right, who wants to be inside?!

Clean, spacious, and organized!

A Private Training Facility,
and a continuing legacy from one of Tucson’s original CrossFit facilities


We are a veteran-owned business established in 2019. After almost a decade, our community has grown to become an amazing community of people who value what health & fitness brings to their life. Every day, our community is pushed to be in better shape and conditioning than the day before.

Our dedicated coaches will ensure that each member, no matter their age, ability level, or goals, achieves the best workout they can according to their level of skill!

Our Values


We believe that fitness is a component of good health.


Our variety of programming (with mesocycles based around the CrossFit open) results in well-rounded athletes through nutrition, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and endurance.


We believe in community & camaraderie – a place where friends find fitness, motivation from each other, and an environment for goal achievement.


We emphasize individual goal accomplishment so members can enjoy a heightened quality of life through physical, mental and emotional balance.


Goal achievement is where our capability meets our reality.

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We are the first Arizona affiliate for Train to Hunt!

Train To Hunt was born out of necessity. All hunters want to hunt harder, longer, and farther, and fitness is the key. The team at Train To Hunt wants to extend wellness and longevity as well as improve performance for hunters.

Train to Hunt is designed to help hunters prepare for the physical demands of whatever hunt is in the fall. Recognizing that hunters have such a short season and therefore no great motivation to train year round, it was decided that it was time to create an event specifically for hunters! The Train To Hunt Challenge was born in 2011 and designed to give hunters, not only a reason to train in the early parts of the year, but to give them a testing ground for their training program. It is unlike any event you have ever done, and will help you prepare for the ultimate goal, hunting season.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done across broad time and modal domains.

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal: improved health and fitness, weight loss, and better sports performance. The program works for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

Why CrossFit Tuath?

We are committed to the individual, with small class sizes so your coaching remains personal. Our membership comprises teenagers to seniors, and athletes to people who just want to be fit and healthy.

We pride ourselves on our coaching excellence. Our programming is challenging, fun, safe -- infinitely scaleable -- and provides results based on what you put into it. No one is too old or infirm to workout with us — we help people who take responsibility for their fitness, health, and life!

Dropping in to workout? (experienced CrossFitters only) Click the Schedule button, and then click the class you want to attend.

New to CrossFit? Click the Schedule button; then select Sign-Up, and then Appointments: choose the Sweat or No Sweat option!

We'll give you a free tour, answer your questions, and put you through the CrossFit Baseline workout (optional) to introduce you to the methodology. You do not need to be "in shape" to begin!

Membership Pricing!

Month-to-Month, no contracts -- and no games or gimmicks!

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